Program: Undergraduate Research in Biomathematics
Saturday, April 22, 2006

11:00 FitzGerald, Daniel, and Gregg Hartvigsen. The dynamics of cooperation in small-world networks. SUNY Geneseo.
11:15 Vyacheslav Rykov and Vladimir Ufimtsev. Efficiency of the Two-Stage Group Testing Algorithm for DNA Library Screening. University of Nebraska at Omaha
11:30 Reynolds, Sara. Evolutionary relationships: a mathematical concept? Nazareth College.
11:45 Nimmo, Kayla, and Lauren Wood. Detection of mispaired oligonucleotides using SYBR green I fluorescence. SUNY Geneseo.

1:30 Callear, Christina, and Anthony Macula. Optimization and expansion of an approach to group testing. SUNY Geneseo.
1:45 Kyu, Shuya. Specialized herbivore feeding leads to increased speciation in plants. SUNY Geneseo.
2:00 Darling, Michael, and Dr. Cheri Boyd. Why PAM works: an in-depth look at scoring matrices and algorithms. Nazareth College of Rochester.
2:15 Shkalim, Sara, and Susannah Gal. Solving Satisfiability problems using DNA methylation. SUNY Binghamton.
2:30 Marcus, Daniel, and Gregg Hartvigsen. The spread of influenza through a multi-city small-world network. SUNY Geneseo.

3:30 Stallard, Cynthia, and Anthony Macula. Duh^3:Doubley Dynamic DNA Programming. SUNY Geneseo.
3:45 McCarthy, Andrew, and Gregg Hartvigsen. The effect of network structure on influenza evolution. SUNY Geneseo.
4:00 Kremer, Colin, Kate Huggler, Gregg Hartvigsen, and Gary Towsley. Investigating control methods for Dendroctonus rufipennis outbreaks using computer modeling. SUNY Geneseo.
4:15 Dresch, Jacqueline. The largest component in subgraphs of circulant-like graphs. SUNY Geneseo.
4:30 Hirschbeck, Sarah, Christian Volk, and Feizabadi Mitra Shojania. A biomathematical approach for investigating the evolution of tumors during a course of chemotherapy. Canisius College.


Chynoweth, Mark, and Gregg Hartvigsen. Using geographical information systems to estimate wildlife home ranges. SUNY Geneseo.

Sponsored by the Biomathematics Career Initiative Program @ SUNY Geneseo
and funded by the National Science Foundation
Gregg Hartvigsen, Bailey 4, 585.245.5448,
Tony Macula, South 325D, 585.245.5482,